Breeding Garrarufa Fish

Garra Rufa breeding operation in Asia.

Doctor Fish Pedicure

Samantha Brown from the Travel Channel enjoying a Fish Pedicure in South East Asia

Garra Rufa and Fish Pedicures

Originating in the Kangal thermal basin (Turkey), Garra Rufa fish have been introduced in salons in several countries with the function of natural podiatrists that feed on dead cells of the feet and improve the smoothness of the skin. Garra Rufa treatment benefits were discovered in the late nineteenth century by a bather with psoriasis who noted improvements in the skin after swimming in those waters, according to Efe reported Own Beauty Al-Andalus, Manuel Corrales, who claims to be the first Spaniard in providing treatment to these fish.

The peculiarity of “footspa” of this beauty salon located in the town of Fuengirola Malaga lies precisely in the Garra Rufa fish, also swim in Madrid center whirlpool and Guipúzcoa and differ from Chin Chin Yu Chinese species not having teeth, and therefore does not cause skin damage.

The difficulty to get them is another feature of these fish Turks, because, according to Corrales has been protected by the government of his country for fear of danger of extinction and can only be achieved through a breeder in Holland, together with German health insurance covers treatment with Garra Rufa.

“It is for people with psoriasis, eczema and dry skin,” said Corrales, who says that the feeling of entering the water inhabited by a thousand of these fish is similar to the bubbling Jacuzzi, themake these little massage with her mouth.

The session on “spa” with Garra Rufa fish begins with a foot washing to remove all traces of creams and chemicals that can harm fish, who live in a fishbowl with four filters that purify 500 liters of water every twenty minutes .

The next step is to soak your feet in the water and wait for these aquatic animals of not more than two inches long from landing on them and cover them almost completely, a wait that does not last even a thousandth of a second.

After thirty minutes of painless tingling, skin of the feet is ready for a massage with moisturizing cream that reaches the dermis, to be completely clean pores.

This has ensured the beautician in charge of applying the treatment, Maracci Silvia, who adds that not only fails to improve the quality and texture of the feet to remove all dead cells, but also help the circulation in the legs.