Fish Pedicures

Fish Pedicures or Garra Rufa fish foot treatment consists of small amphibians that eat the dead skin leaving the skin healthy and clean. These fish live in river basins in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran immersed in water at high temperature. Its main objective is to eat the dead tissue of the body and help to regenerate new cells in the skin, allowing the wounds to heal.
fish pedicure

Fish Pedicure by Garra Rufa

The Garra Rufa fish are called have healing properties and even help us to prevent and cure some of the diseases in this area of ​​the body. These small amphibians medicinal Garra Rufa, about 12 inches long and live in waters up to 40 degrees. These fish were used for the first time in the Kangal hot springs in the Turkish province of Sivas. This treatment was prescribed for those suffering, especially in the feet psoriasis, a painful disease, which, however, this revolutionary treatment of patients improved dramatically.
These Garra Rufa treatments quickly spread and was adopted successfully in spas and hot springs in China and Korea. In 2007 it landed in Japan, Singapore and Croatia gaining wide acceptance. In fact, in Croatia there is a Doctor Fish Cafe, where to enjoy a drink while you immerse your feet in a fish tank while you get this special pedicure. The Garra Rufa fish is protected by Turkish law, however, it is allowed to keep them in special tanks automatically regenerate the water, giving them hygiene and constant high temperature have in their natural habitat. In the case of not having this climate they would die. Young Garra Rufa are able to remove the dead skin with an enzyme in the mouth and these are their only food and no other should be given so that they come to perform their duties.The feeling you have when the fish are close to our feet or hands is a slight tingling, similar to placing the feet in a stream. Thus, the session becomes a hugely enjoyable micro massage to the client. However, care must be taken in the market because there is a fish version of “imitators” who are not of the same species. The Chinese who have launched a version of this fish which they call “Chin-Chin” and Doctor Fish. These fishes, which in this case do have teeth and cause irreparable damage as they can byte off skin.
Each treatment session with Garra Rufa should be 15-30 minutes. Such sessions do not replace regular pedicures. The results are spectacular in terms of smoothness and hydration both hands and feet.
“Step by Step” Garra Rufa treatment:
-Remove nail polish to inspectfeet well, especially if it is the first time they visit the center to make this innovative treatment.
- Make sure feet of the customer does not have no fungus or ringworm infections.
- Disinfect feet by washing well.
- The feet are then introduced into the tank, a built-in cabinet with filter, which is designed as a spa, where guests feel comfortable.
- After entering the feet, small Garra Rufa begin to approach your feet. The customer should not move so they can perform their duties.
- At first a tingling that then becomes a micro-massage.
- We recommend a dive at least 15-30 minutes.
- Dry your feet well the client.
- Your feet can then be filed and nail polish can be applied for beautiful feet

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